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Buying for a guitar player can be tricky, especially if you don’t play guitar or have any interest in the guitar.  But, we can help. We love learning and playing the guitar. And, we have found some great inspiring things that would be perfect for the guitar player in your life.

Are they just a beginner?  Maybe they are getting the guitar as their main gift, as will need some accessories.  Some experienced players also will enjoy some of our selections. We have recommendations for all levels of guitar player enthusiasts!

Guitar Lessons

For the beginner, guitar lessons are perfect to get them started and we know just the place, GuitarTricks.com.  This is a great online learning system that allows each person to learn at their own level. The lessons are clear and precise and easy to understand and follow.

Everything is done in clear English and they offer not only beginners but intermediate lessons as well.

Many of their lessons will start off slow and work your way to the proper speed.  Learn the proper fingerings for each note. And, learn what each note is called as well as the different major and minor sounds.

If there have been troubles in the past with learning from various online videos such as YouTube or other free platforms, getting a good paid for membership to a good online school may be just the thing.  Of course, this is for the more motivated learners, as they won’t be a weekly check up to see how your progress is. But, it’s a great and easy way to learn right within your home! And, your status is saved so you or a parent can see the progress you’ve made.

Many people that pick up the Guitar Tricks membership are playing simple songs that very same day!( Check out my full review here.)  If you have some chords and progressions that seem to trip you up, this is a great place to get some refreshers as well.  Giving GuitarTricks.com as a gift will be that gift that continues to give. Playing the guitar can be a very freeing experience but first, it must be learned and mastered.

Pick a Palooza Guitar Punch

This is a great gift for any avid guitar player, as having a pick around is always important.  And, this is a lovely gift set as well. Each package comes with 15 starter strips, a keychain that holds up to 10 picks.   And, of course, the pick maker, which cuts the picks from thin plastic such as old debit cards or there are extra bunches that can be purchased separately as well.  This pick creator is similar to a hole punch and acts a press that punches out the pics from the plastic.

Elagon Guitar Pro Care Cleaner

This is a great gift for those that will be tuning and working on their own guitar.  This kit has everything you need to restring and keep the strings healthy. Just follow the easy to follow instructions that are written in English.  It is that simple.

This string cleaner and repair kit will work with various types of guitars as well.  The kit includes guitar and bass string winder, 8 Allen keys, string cutting pliers, guitar polish, string cleaner/lubricant stick, polish cloth, and a string action ruler.

Luxury Guitar Wall Mount

A luxury guitar wall mount is the perfect gift for that guitar player that is picking up their guitar daily.  This allows for easy access but keeps it up and out of the way. Or use it to display the collectible guitars as well.

This specific wall mount will lock the guitar neck in place and release easily with upward pressure.  And can be installed in a concrete or wooden wall, both types of screws are included. All this in a sleek beautiful wooden design.

Guitar Tuner TC Electronic Polytune Clip

This amazing tuner is a great option for gift giving. It will allow you to tune all 6 strings at one time.  The easy to read display makes it perfect for everyone, including a beginner. And, it sports an adaptive screen that will flip from verticle to a horizontal readout with ease.  It will work with both electric and acoustic guitars and is perfect for keeping the guitar tuned for proper playing. And, it has a 3-year warranty.

USB 4 Port Guitar Hub

So you know this guitar player that has been at it for many years.  They probably don’t need accessories and lessons but there are fun guitar themed gifts as well.  Things such as this cute USB 4 port charger. This works with both Mac and Windows and is a simple but fun plug and play USB port.  This port is a unique gift idea that is also practical. This device will support charging as well as used as a hub for additional USB options such as a mouse or keyboard and comes with a USB plug for attachment.

Personalized Sound Studio Sign

Wow!  This is a great gift idea for those that have everything, including their own sound studio.  Okay, maybe not, but it would still be great for those that have teenagers who are always playing in their room as well.   Or, this is perfect for the man cave as well.  When you are looking for a great gift for your guitar player, this unique product is perfect!

Multiple Guitar Stand

There are many people that have multiple guitars.  And, for that reason, a multiple guitar stand is in order.  But, not just any stand, a stand that will display the beautiful instruments as well as protect them.  This is a great option with foam padded rails that allows the guitar to stand without getting scratched.

This is also great for bands that have multiple players, as it’s easily portable and holes up to 7 guitars at once.

Guitar Seat

Many guitar players can play in just about any seat.  However, this is a nicely padded seat that is made for playing in.  It folds up as well as offers a nice space to leave the guitar, with its built-in guitar holder.  It has a 300 lb weight capacity if that is an issue and is perfect for those guitar gigs as it’s very portable.

The back is adjustable to fit your body and is very comfortable to use.  This guitar seat with stand is a perfect gift idea. It looks very professional and would work great in the home or on stage!

Pepki Rock Guitar Style Grill Utensils

These super cute guitar grilling utensils are perfect for those that love to grill and cook.  Made of stainless steel with smooth and ergonomic handles. These are in the shape of guitars!  Super fun gift idea!

Bamboo Guitar Neck Wooden Utensils

These guitar neck shaped wooden utensils are perfect for those guitar players that love to entertain as well.  Or put in a container on the counter to start up a conversation. Made of bamboo wood, these are perfect for display or use.

The Fender Cutting Board

Bamboo wood is perfect for cutting boards.  The shape and design sports a great conversational piece.  It ‘s beautiful strat body shape and will need to be treated with mineral oil before use. Bamboo cutting boards can last a lifetime if well cared for and are perfect for everyone.

Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This is a unique gift idea that is also handmade from a vinyl record.  If you are looking for something super unique for that hard to buy for person, this clock is perfect.  It is handmade. This means it will need a little extra time to be delivered. Just be sure to keep that in mind.  However, we felt the wait is worth it. This is something you just don’t see every day.

Guitar iPhone Case!

In the space of gifts, a fun iPhone case could be just the thing.  This case has a great looking guitar graphic on it. And, it is perfect for the electric guitar player in your life.  This case will fit an iPhone 8. However, there are many cases to choose from, if that isn’t the phone style you need.  We just loved the suggestion of a unique guitar themed phone case.

Guitar Wall Hooks

These decorative wall hooks are perfect for the guitar player in your life.  These little gems sport some great detail. And, they are perfect for the bathroom to hold towels!

Put these in at an entryway for a nice coat hook display.  Have fun with decorating with these guitar items.

Guitar Wall Art

This is a great piece of wall art that is simply gorgeous and amazing.  The tree line and made up cityscape act as the one 1/2 of the guitar design.  The other half comes from the reflection. This is a very modern and artistic look.  Stretch over a wooden frame it is simple to install. Of course, there are many other wall art that would fit the bill perfectly as well.

Guitar Shower Curtain

The perfect gift for anyone that loves their guitar!  A shower curtain! This would be great for a kids bathroom or even a  college dorm. This shower curtain has both acoustic and electric guitar as well as some accompanying instruments.  It is machine washable and will liven up any bathroom.

Made of cloth and water repellent.  And, has nice grommets for hanging.

Guitar Bedding

This is a great duvet cover with matching pillowcases with a queen or twin size available.  This 3 pc set is a perfect choice for children that are really into their guitar. It sports some amazing graphics that are very detailed of acoustic guitars.  A perfect choice for the guitar lover in your family!