This is my recommendation for a BEGINNER amp. This amplifier is not intended to be used to go out gigging or to play in some giant amphitheater. This is though, my highest recommended practice amp. This amp is perfect for all the right reasons, especially for kids!

My recommended beginners practice amplifier.

The price is perfect, the amp has a great sound, and what parents love is that it isn’t TOO loud 🙂

The Fender Champion 20 Watt Amplifier!

This amp does come in higher Wattage, but for a beginner or a child 20 watts is plenty. This amp has 17 different amp models with the turn of a knob that will accommodate literally any style of music.

This amp also has some of those famous effects that every guitarist or beginner guitarist falls in love with! A lush chorus, digital reverb, chorus, vibratone, and delay. Seriously for the price this little amp is really all you need to get Rockin! If you are curious what electric guitar I recommend for a beginner to intermediate player you can see that here.