So you want a recommendation on a guitar? Okay here we go… So these are my recommendations based off of beginners looking for an inexpensive but playable guitar to get them going. I will recommend an acoustic and an electric that I believe to be great instruments. These guitars won’t break the bank, but they will stay in tune, and play nicely… perfect for those just starting out!

Obviously this is not the type of guitar I would recommend for an experienced player with years under there belt. With that said, these are some darn good beginner guitars.

Acoustic beginner guitar recommendation:

The Fender FA 100

The Fender FA 100 is a full size dreadnought body guitar. This is a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. This acoustic is fantastic. Not only is it greatly priced, but it sounds like a very nice acoustic guitar that can be used for almost any style of playing. I have recommended the Fender FA 100 to many of my beginner students and I’m simply amazed at the quality of the guitar for the price. If you are looking for a great quality acoustic to get you going. This is the guitar. An added bonus this guitar does come with a gig bag, a tuner, a strap, and picks! It does also come with a short little instructional video, but I highly recommend online lessons here.

Electric guitars for beginners

Electric guitars in my opinion become a bit more personal when choosing the right instrument. There are definitely different types of electric guitars that better serve different styles of music you might be interested in playing. With that being said, there are some standard brands that are great for being versatile and good for those just starting out. I was always recommend anything from Fender. I believe Fender electric guitars are very universal and you just really can’t go wrong with them. There is a vast range of prices when choosing an electric guitar. Due to the thought that this is really for beginners lets see what we can find that is cheap enough to not break the bank, but something of good enough quality to be playable and enjoyable.

My recommendation for a first time electric guitar is

A Fender Standard Stratocaster

Why did I choose this Stratocaster you may ask? Here’s the deal… there are cheaper knock off strats out there. In my opinion the super cheap hundred dollar electric guitars just simply do not stay in tune. So if you are going to make the investment, you may as well spend a little bit more and get an instrument that is going to be playable and last for decades to come. If you want to see what type of beginner amp I would pair with this you can check that out here.