Tuners, Picks, and Metronomes oh my! Okay so here’s the deal. You can find any of this stuff at your local music shop, but these things are often overlooked. When I’m giving my first lesson to a new guitarist I always recommend getting a tuner, some picks, and a metronome! All of these are essential in getting the most out of your instrument. First up… Tuners

My Recommended Tuner:

The Snark Tuner

The reason that I love this tuner is that its cheap, simple to use, and very accurate. You really can’t ask for more. It’s easy to use as you simply stick the tuner on the end of the headstock. Once you play a string the tuner will pick up the vibration and let you know if you are flat, sharp, or right in tune. I highly recommend this tuner, especially for beginners. ( I do believe guitarists should learn to tune the guitar by ear, but that takes practice and patience. In the meantime this is a way to tune fast so you can get to practicing!)

Recommended Guitar Picks

Fender Premium Pick Sampler Pack

Guitar Picks are a very personal preference. Some guitarists love thin picks that have more flex to them, while others prefer a very hard pick that doesn’t have any play. It really is a case of trial and error which is why I think when starting out a sampler pack is the way to go. First off you can test all 3 different styles. Thin, medium, and Heavy. It also comes with 24 picks because before long you will start finding these everywhere! It’s the life of a guitarist!

My prefered metronome:

Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome

This is probably one of the most important tools you should have as a beginning guitarist. Reason for that is that “Timing” really is everything. The sooner you can start to lock in with the beat, the better player you will be. This metronome is high quality, low priced, and extrememly portable only about 4 inches long. If I stress one thing more than any other to my students just starting out it is to get into the habit of using a metronome during practice. This one tip alone will allow you to become a better musician faster than just about anything. Keep remembering…. Timing is everything…. Timing is everything!