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I always find it fascinating to find popular songs in major keys. Today we will learn popular guitar songs in the key of B Major.

Most people often think most of these songs would be in a minor key.

Let’s take a looks at 9 guitar songs in the key of B major

Song 1- B.B. King and Eric Clapton “Riding with the king”

Below is a great blues tune by B.B. King and Eric Clapton. This song is called “Riding with the King”.

Watch as Gustavo Lacerda kills it on guitar in this one. This song is a challenge due to the fact that most of the guitar licks are in the B major pentatonic scale.

Most guitarists are extremely familiar with the minor pentatonics.  To hear someone play lead guitar like this in B Major is just awesome to see.

If you want to learn guitar check this out.

Song 2- BB King and Eric Clapton “3 O’clock Blues”

“3 O’Clock Blues”, by BB King and Eric Clapton is another great blues jam in B Major.

This is a slow blues, that has some tasty blues licks in the key of B.

One of the things that I stress you do, as you learn guitar is to listen more. Yep, that’s right listen more and try and mimic some of the guitar licks.

Even if you only master 1 or 2 of the licks you can start to incorporate B major pentatonics into your playing arsenal.

This will allow you to give your playing a whole new sound, while still playing that slow blues that we all know and love. You can listen to this song below.

Learn to play more major pentatonics here.

Song 3- John Mayer “Queen of California”

I added this song to the list for the intro. It is so rhythmic that it is a great song to learn on guitar and to practice keeping the time and the rhythm chugging along like a locomotive.

Every guitarist needs to be working on their rhythm playing and this one nails it out of the park! You can listen to this tasty blues/country style guitar song.

I also really enjoy the slide guitar in the backround. Listen for it and see if you can hear what chords are being played by ear.

Song 4- Jason Mraz “I’m yours”

This here is another song that is super popular that people don’t realize is in a Major key.

I added this song to the list due to the fact that it’s an acoustic song that is extremely rhythmic, but uses very basic guitar chords.

This song has a laid back behind the beat, but super steady up beat rhythm. Below is a tutorial on the guitar chords in this song. I recommend that if you like this style of music to definitely check it out.

Song 5- Foo Fighter “Learning to Fly”

I’ve added this song to the list because it’s just a really fun rock tune.

This song is pretty simple, basic chord progression and exxtremely exciting to play.

Don’t forget to really nail down the rhythm of this song as it is the driving force behind the main melody.

Song 6- Ed Sheeran “Eraser”

I’m personally not a huge fan of pop songs. This song is just so interesting though.

The fact that he pretty much raps during the verses, while keeping a steady rhythm on the acoustic guitar I just find very unique and different.

This song is at least worth a listen. The guitar part is actually very cool. Here is a live version of the song. You have to have an appreciation for talent in general. This song proves that talent.

Song 7-Bon Jovi “We weren’t born to follow”

You have to give credit to a band that has adjusted with the times. Most bands can’t pull off a career this long.

I don’t personally like this song. I would much rather listen to something off their Slippery When Wet album.

This song is a bit on the pop side for me. With that being said, it is in the key of B major and that’s why it made the list. You can hear this song below.

Song 8- Biffy Clyro “Black Chandelier”

Here is a song that is interesting as the bridge changes to a minor key. Although most of this song is actually in a major key.

This song is really driven by the force of the driving bass guitar. There are alot of subtle guitar parts thoughh as well which is why it made the list.

If you listen to this song. Really try and listen for the guitar fills during the verses. You can hear this little number below.

Song 9- Linkin Park “Invisible”

This is a strange song in my opinion. This definitely isn’t one of Linkin Parks more famous songs. I feel like this song is a bit “radio friendly”, for me.

This song is in the key of B major though so I added it to the list.

Let me know what you think of this one? Maybe I’m missing something?

I hope that you enjoyed this little list of songs in the key of B major. Let me know which song you plan to learn first?

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